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Ragnarok Online Classic (Pre-Renewal) Calculator, дополненный контентом FreeRO. Calc's theme:
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Stats ( Remaining Status Points: 48 )
Auto adjust Base Level
Base Lv
Job Lv
Race & SizeDemi-Human & Medium
Body ElementNeutral1
STR + 0
AGI + 0
VIT + 0
INT + 0
DEX + 0
LUK + 0
Max HP 40 DEF0+1 HIT2
Max SP 11 MDEF0+1 Perfect Hit0
HP Regen1 Real MDEF0+1 Critical1.3
SP Regen1 ATK1+0 Flee2
ASPD150.2 Real ATK1~1 WOE Flee1
Mov. Speed MATK1~1 Perfect Dodge1.1

Equipment & Cards
Weapon Type:

(No Weapon) [0]
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ATK 0 Weapon Lv 1 Req. Lv 0 Weight 0
Other Info

Additional Enchants & Manual Edits on Player
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(icon)Buffs, Items and other stuff

Passive / Duration Skills
Supportive / Party Skills
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Food / Speed Potions / other Items
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Guild Skills
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Music and Dance Skills
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Miscellaneous Effects on Player
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Additional Effects
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(icon)Monster Combat Simulator

Minimum Delay Between Active Skills:
Number of Enemies attacking you:
Defense Investment (custom): [WoE Zone only]
Add Spell-scrolls and Yggdrasil Leaf to Skill List.
DEF55 + 64RaceDemi-Human
MDEF50 + 57ElementShadow4
100% Hit167SizeLarge
95% Dodge289
Buffs on Enemy
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Player Attack Skills:
Player's Hit Ratio5%
Critical Damage1
Critical Rate0%
Attack ElementNeutral (100% vs Shadow4)
Minimum Damage1
Average Damage1
Maximum Damage1
Damage Per Second0.05
Minimum Number of HitsOver 10000 Hits
Average Number of HitsOver 10000 Hits
Maximum Number of HitsInfinite (no 100% Hit)
Average Battle DurationToo High to Calculate
Base Exp Per HitImmesurable
Job Exp Per HitImmesurable
Enemy Attack Range:
Enemy Attack Skills:
Player's Dodge Ratio6.04%
Enemy Attack ElementNeutral (100% vs Neutral1)
Minimum Damage Received1600
Average Damage Received1875
Maximum Damage Received2150
Average Damage Received (w/dodge)1761.66
Debuffs on Enemy
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Manual Edits on Enemy
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